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Mike Griffith, President and CEO
Michael Griffith, Chairman

I want to personally welcome you to FCI EXCHANGE.

FCI Lender Services is a seperate Loan Servicing company recommended by FCI EXCHANGE and has been deeply involved in loan servicing, default, and loss mitigation for over 34 years. As a servicer with $4.4 Billion under management, FCI Lender Services understands the importance of investors buying and selling Notes accurately and compliantly. Our expert staff regularly assists clients with the loans they purchased in the resolution of issues resulting from improper loan trades, including serious disclosure and compliance issues. We knew there had to be a better way.

FCI Lender Services decided it was time to use our expertise to offer solution by creating a separate corporation to assist investors Buying and Selling Notes. FCI EXCHANGE is a sophisticated and efficient loan trading platform where Buyers and Sellers can trade privately with the experts at FCI Exchange closely monitoring all aspects of the transaction. We help Sellers put together compliant full disclosure packages for sale that encourage and give confidence to Buyers. We provide Buyers accurate data, including never before seen live servicing data, to use for their investment decisions. Both Buyers and Sellers can feel confident the transaction will proceed and close compliantly through the interactive step-by-step Transaction Summary, and then move smoothly into servicing. FCI EXCHANGE will also be there after the sale to assist with any unforeseen issues.

This is not an auction site demanding immediate participation, forcing rushed decisions and possible missteps. You will also see none of the hype, product or services pushing, fluffed ads, pricing games or blind product listing seen on some other sites. We know there is much more to successfully buying and selling Notes and Properties than just listing them on some internet site.

To help our clients, we put many user friendly tools on FCIEXCHANGE.COM including My Product Alerts where Buyers can be notified of just the product for sale that meets their investment criteria. There is also a sophisticated Loan Investment Strategy Model that calculates the best retention or liquidation scenarios for a particular purchase. We are here to help anyone from Novice to Expert Buy and Sell Notes with confidence, quickly and compliantly.

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